About Us

Throughout the course of his career, David Lewis has pursued a plethora of endeavors which have led him to his current standing. His career in construction, though, first began in 2006 when establishing his own siding business in Fayetteville, GA specializing in commercial, as well as, residential. Since then, construction has developed into so much more than an occupation. When building his personal house several years later, David realized a home consists of so much more than four walls, rather involvement, dreams, and relationships. With this realization, a passion to create homes for others was discovered, and from this passion, David Lewis Construction was born.

Established in 2015, David Lewis Construction, now known as David Lewis and Co., has grown into a team of people who share David's passion. This team focuses on building high-end custom homes which astound many in their beauty, intricacy, and quality. DLC operates under the philosophy a house does not build itself, but only through the constant presence of the builder on site is a house constructed to properly reflect the homeowners’ vision. As a result, David only works on a few homes at a time to guarantee he will be able to be involved in every aspect from start to finish.

“If you can dream it, then I can build it,” David tells his clients. Through working alongside the architect, designer, and homeowner and bringing their visions together, David continues to turn what was once imagined into something real. Each home is constructed with the intent of building lasting relationships with homeowners through the process of making their dream homes a reality.