Working with David and his team is always an absolute pleasure. They have an outstanding eye for detail and craftsmanship and can make even the most complicated detail look effortless. Not only is the quality of the work top notch, but they are also wonderful people. They always bring great ideas to the table and you can tell they really care about their projects and clients. I wholeheartedly recommend David Lewis Construction.
Rodolfo Castro
Creative Director, Castro Design Studio
We designed the kitchen for simplicity and strength in natural materials rather than ornamental details for a restrained sophistication- and it takes a builder whose perfected his craft for decades to build a home void of baseboard, crown and trim and all the things to hide flaws, and execute it perfectly. Well done David Lewis Construction, it’s an honor to design beside you.
Anna Booth
Anna Booth Interiors
We would not consider taking on another major home construction project without David Lewis as our builder. As a builder, David has a good design eye in that he came up with many finish details that we would not have considered. He’s got a great eye for detail and is committed to a quality project, always doing the ‘right thing.’ Throughout the project and even now, David is not only a trusted builder, but also a trusted friend.
Mrs. and Mr. Tom Nolan
My story with David Lewis and the Team at David Lewis Construction (DLC) is quite unique. My wife, Sandra and I were well into building our dream home that we had spent years planning and designing. We were looking for a skilled craftsman to install our exterior finishes and David was highly recommended. He graciously invited us to his home to look at his work. While reviewing the exterior finishes my wife and I were graciously invited to tour the interior. Wow, what an experience! Both the interior and exterior were exquisite, and the craftsmanship was like none I had ever seen in my 20+ years’ experience working as a real estate investor. Our general contractor committed to DLC for all the exterior finishes. Several weeks later our contractor had to step-back from our project to focus on health concerns. Here we are with a framed house, dried-in and no contractor. I met with David and asked if he would consider completing the house for us. He agreed and I cannot begin to communicate what a “BLESSING” David and his Team were to our family. DLC went right to work and we never missed a beat and completed the house on time and within budget. All during the process David made suggestions/recommendations on how to improve the finished product and we are eternally grateful for David’s ‘hands-on’, ‘on-the-jobsite-daily’ approach to running the project. We have been in the house for over 5 years and love our new dream home. When one of my colleagues inquired about DLC and asked us what I thought about my experience and should he consider engaging DLC. I told him “You can’t afford NOT to use David and the DLC Team”. He quickly took my advice and David has recently finished his Dream Home. I would encourage you to do the same and seriously consider David Lewis Construction for your next project.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fannin